2016 in review

31 dez 2016

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Like any other year, 2016 comes to an end. It's time to make a summary of what this year was for me at it's various levels. Not that it matters to anyone, but remember, I write it for myself, so bear with me :)


  • DevScope - This year I've left my old job, after more than 8 years, and joined DevScope. This was a major change for me, as you can imagine, not only for the company but also for the types of projects I've tackled at this new position. Since the beginning of the year, I've had the opportunity to work on several projects and learn a bunch from a lot of diverse amazing people, which was precisely one of my main motivations for this transition.
  • Side-projects - I give a lot of value to side-projects, for various reasons. Due to a lot of factors, this was a very neglected area in 2016, which does not make me happy, so changes will be expected next year.
  • Learning - This holds a very tight relation to side-projects. Still, I've made a lot of improvements on disparate technologies, as needed on the different projects I collaborated with. 2017 will not be the year in which I will specialize in only one area or technology, that's for certain.


  • NetPonto - With the intent to keep the community alive, I've started helping this community group in 2015 (that year I've helped on 3 meetings at Porto). In 2016 I've managed to help on 5 meetings at Porto and 2 more on nearby cities Braga and Aveiro.
  • Blog - As this is the only blog post of 2016, I think it's self explanatory. Definitely something to improve in 2017.
  • Social media - I've started to share more frequently some articles I consider worth reading, even if I don't agree with all of the points, but still consider the main arguments relevant and capable for triggering a conversation.
  • Speaking - I've made a small presentation at Porto.Data, a Microsoft Data Platform Community, on SQL Server Data Tools.


  • Family - Keeping up with all the family duties and still have time to relax and enjoy each moment is sometimes a hard task, but being present on the first full year of my child and raising him with my girlfriend-turned-wife is just inexplicably astounding.
  • Projects - A lot of setbacks occurred during the year that postponed some of the personal and family projects we had projected to happen in 2016. Others have been slowly put in place, and a lot more will be starting next year.
  • Health & Exercise - This was a tough year for me to exercise routinely, so my weight reflects that. On the other hand, a lot of unplanned exercise took place throughout the year on some home improvement projects. Besides that, chasing around my energetic and strong personality kid gives me free mental and physical exercise in a way no other activity can.

What to expect in 2017

It will certainly be an amazing year. I have a lot of stuff ahead of me to accomplish in the next 12 months at all of the above contexts. Some of them will be truly challenging, but that's a fantastic way to keep on moving forward.
One thing worth mentioning is that all of this takes time, so choices and adjustments have to be made along the way in order to have available free time for what's more important in my life, and that is obviously my family and friends. Without them nearby, the items above wouldn't make any sense at all.

How will your 2017 be like?

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