SQLSaturday #369 Lisbon 2015

01 jun 2015

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Last May 16 I attended SQLSaturday at Lisbon, Portugal, a free training event mainly targeted at SQL Server and Data professionals. The event featured a total of 6 session slots distributed over the following 7 (!) tracks: Performance, Business Intelligence, Agile & Cloud, Analytics & NonRelational, DBA, Hands-On Lab and SQL Server 2016.

What's in it for me

As I'm not a SQL Server expert by any means, some of the sessions were just beyond my reach, not that I was afraid of getting my head blown by Paul White (@SQL_Kiwi), Dejan Sarka (@DejanSarka), Mark Broadbent (@retracement) or Milos Radivojevic (@MilosSQL), to name a few SQL superstars that I skipped this year, but there was so many to choose from and the quality bar was so high that choices had to be made.

From the lineup, I've selected the themes with content that I could leverage in the next few months, especially those related to Business Intelligence, one of the current big trends on the field.

The sessions I attended were:

The key takeaways

  • Last year we had the chance to grasp some real use cases of Power BI (first launched in 2013). This year, Microsoft has shown some major improvements on this platform and started to reveal a development model on top of it (still in the works) which will allow for a lot more possibilities.
  • Another gap that Microsoft was needing to bridge was a solution for cross-platform dashboards, that could be fed by multiple kinds of data sources. I think that is now solved with the acquisition of DataZen and the inclusion of the product into the SQL Server Enterprise package.
  • It's becoming increasingly more difficult to justify some enterprise policies that want to keep organization data outside cloud services, Microsoft Azure is just not stopping to release new gems every other week.
  • The new Microsoft embraces all kind of technology we can imagine. One more proof of that is the integration of R in the upcoming SQL Server 2016.
  • There are a lot of opportunities for improvement of my skills on solution development within the Microsoft SQL Server stack. The sessions from Stephanie Locke and Cathrine Wilhelmsen were just amazing.

In conclusion

For this one day, a good part of the SQL community throughout the world came together, and if you were around and missed it, to bad for you. But there is hope, because these amazing organizers are already setting up SQLSaturday Oporto for October 3. Go ahead and register now!

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