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15 mai 2015

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I've been wanting to setup a blog for myself for quite some time. Today, finally, I did it.

You might be asking:

"A blog?! That's so outdated, right?"

Well, I don't believe so, and if you work on any kind of software development, I'm pretty sure you already found some cool solution to a problem you were having on a random guy's blog, and couldn't find it anywhere else on the interwebs. Yeah, random guy™ rocks!

Ok, but aren't there enough blogs, already?

There are a lot of them, of course, but I believe that the Internet has enough room for it.

Do you believe that someone will actually read it?

I will write mainly for myself, so that I can later find the solutions I've once found and meanwhile forgot about. Why keep something like that on your head when you can easily look it up?

If you're writing for yourself, couldn't you keep it private?

Over the years I've learned that if you have a problem or a solution of some sort that you find useful, other people could also relate to that and find usefulness on what you've done. Why keep it all to yourself when you can share it with the community?

So, those are my viewpoints about blogging, talking to this imaginary and very skeptical person, dear reader and future self.

I hope that on future posts you can find something valuable. In the meantime, you can start by following my blog or contact me anytime you want.

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